Frequently Asked Questions

What is a quest?

Quests challenge Players to redeem and activate a mission online in the WStore, then fulfill the requirements here on property.

How do guests activate a quest?

Players can check out the current selection of Quests by visiting the WStore on the Wind Creek app or Players select the Quests they would like to sign-up for and exchange WScore points to redeem the Quest. WScore points can be earned by playing online games at, where it's FREE to play.

What happens when a quest is successfully completed?

If a Guest completes their Quest within the set time frame, they will win extra Rewards such as FREE Play, Food Credits, WScore points and more. Quests can have a unique theme, so the prize offered may also reflect the same theme.

When do new quests become available?

New Quests are added to the WStore every month, so there are always fun new challenges with fresh new prizes!

Can anyone access quests?

Quests are only available to Members. If a Guest is not a Member, they can register for FREE at any time by visiting or they can download the Wind Creek app from the app store. There is no cost to play.

When will prizes be added to the player's account?

Within 24 hours of completing the Quest unless otherwise specified!