Long Table Aruba

We Did It, Aruba!

It was a record-breaking night at the 4th annual Long Table Aruba Event. Thanks to an outpouring of generosity, we were able to give $90,000 in total donations to six of Aruba’s amazing charities, outdoing all of our previous years combined.

We thank not only those who attended the Aruba event or voted for their favorite charity, but we also give a big shout out to our Wind Creek Aruba team members and event sponsors. We could not have had such an amazing night without you. It was truly heartwarming to see your shared passion for our community and the organizations that serve to improve our lives here in Aruba.

There’s no doubt that Wind Creek Aruba’s commitment to support our community is stronger than ever.

Congratulations to Our Winners

Video still of two medium sized yellow dogs

Grand Prize of $40,000: The Animal Welfare Alliance

With this donation, Animal Welfare Alliance Aruba intends to start a spay and neuter clinic for pets of low-income families.

Video still of a dog in a bow tie and suit jacket, hands reach around him to put on glasses

Runner Up of $10,000: Aruba Animal Shelter

Aruba Animal Shelter plans to use these funds to further their mission of improving the lives of Aruba’s dogs and cats.

Moreover, Wind Creek Aruba was so inspired by all the great submissions and overwhelming interest shown throughout the voting process that they selected four additional organizations to receive $10,000 each, including:

What a celebratory evening for our community!

Our Commitment to Community

Community impact and disaster relief is a tenet of Wind Creek Aruba property operations. Since arriving to the island, Wind Creek Aruba has raised funds through their on-site hallmark events, Long Table Aruba and Winter Wonderland, in addition to providing in-kind hospitality and food donations year-round to organizations in need of disaster relief.

Wind Creek: a partner Aruba can count on.

Visit our Community Support page to learn more.