Wind Creek Chicago Southland

Support From The Village Of East Hazel Crest

I am writing this letter of support for the proposed partnership between the Villages of East Hazel Crest & Homewood and Wind Creek Hospitality. My wife and I have been residents since 1999 and I have served on the Village of East Hazel Crest’s board since 2005 – we are vested in our community.

When compared to the other potential Southland casino sites that are being considered, our location is the most logical and ideal due to its proximity to both the I-80 corridor (and its 80 million vehicles of annual traffic) and the Illinois/Indiana state line. The economic stability and growth are very much needed in the Southland as many of our communities and residents are still struggling from the 2008-2009 housing market crash. The shared economic proposal between the multiple municipalities and welcomed job creation of this venture set the table for the resurgence of our Southland community.

The stable leadership of both Villages of East Hazel Crest (led by Village President Thomas A. Brown) & Homewood (led by Village President Richard Hofeld) lends itself to the creation of establishing a profound business and community-based relationship with the Wind Creek Hospitality team. During these incredibly challenging times of the COVID-19 global pandemic (both on the health of our residents and the current economic fallout), the East Hazel Crest/Homewood casino site can go a long way towards healing our Southland communities.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,
Kevin D. Johnson
Village Trusee
Village of East Hazel Crest